Best Gas Grills

There are few things that smell like summer the way the aroma of a steak on a grill does! Just the thought of one is enough to make the mouth water.

But if you are thinking of getting a new grill for your summer (or other season) enjoyment, you know that the variety of grills out there can be intimidating. The internet is a wonderful thing for cruising when you want to comparison shop, but sometimes it is like looking for a needle in a haystack when you want one particular thing. But that is why portals like grates and grills exist – to help you find what you are looking for.

Of course, there are many types of grates and grills for you to choose from. A short overview will show that while there are a wide variety of ways to grill, there are many similarities between the basic types of grills such as best propane grill.

If you are like me, the thought of dealing with propane is enough to conjure up visions of old Road Runner cartoons with Wiley Coyote being blown up. Somehow, the thought of messing with something like propane in my backyard is too scary for words. And that is where the electric grills come into play. For my money- a clean and often beautiful- electric grill in the backyard is the perfect summer picnic tool with this instapots.

On the other hand – my sister will sing the praises of her little smoker on her front porch until the cows come home. Summer or winter (and she lives on the Canadian border where winter doesn’t fool around), no matter what the season, she will be on the phone telling me about the whole salmon or duck she has in her smoker for this week’s dinners.It makes my mouth water remembering my visits to her place and the dinners we have had.

Of course, for many it isn’t a Bar B Q  unless you have charcoal. A char broil grill is just what you should mean when you say Bar B Q to these folks. I have a friend who is a woodworker by trade, always with his sleeves rolled up and sawdust on the floor. Come Sunday nights, he will roll out this ancient Bar BQ grill, throw in some briquets and mix up some mean margaritas while the chops and steaks are cooking. Soon, every studio and workshop within 500 feet has rolled up their doors and wondered over for another great grilling night under the stars of LA.

Sometimes when researching online I discover information completely different from what I was looking for.  I found when researching Bar B Qs for this site that one brand just seems to speak to everyone about a quality grill. Of course, if you are an afficianado of all things great in grates and grills, you know the name Jenn Air. They are truly amazing grills that can turn your back yard (or indoor) grill area into a top rate cooking spot and make you feel the regular kitchen is just an afterthought.

So, no matter whether you are looking for that little portable grill to take camping, the spiffy electric grill to add to your kitchen or the top of the line Grill Center, complete with Stainless BBQ Doors you can see your reflection in, we have something here for everyone. Welcome to grates and grills and good grilling to all!

Although there are a wide variety of gas grills and smokers, the majority of them still follow some very basic precepts. Grills, particularly gas grills, are intended to cook the meat directly via the hot air produced by the grills flame. The heat will sear the outside of the meat and quickly cook the inside. Smokers, on the other hand, may cook from an offset heat source such as gas or charcoal, but their primary cooking method is from the smoke produced by either wood pellets, chunks, discs, or chips.

Gas grills come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of them use propane, although many also use natural gas. They usually are sold on a cart that allows storage of the gas tank below and also provides side table for food prep.

Another type of grill that is gaining a lot of popularity is “the green egg”, an egg-shaped ceramic cooker based on centuries old Chinese traditional cooking. The ceramic cooker captures the moisture in the surrounding area while cooking and uses charcoal briquettes as it ‘s main cooking fuel.

Smokers can vary from giant wood burning units that can cook for a party of 100 to simple portable charcoal-burning grills where you add wood chips to enhance the flavor of the meat. Keep in mind that a truly authentic smoker will take hours to cook and will need to be maintained throughout the process for a successful end product. Keep in mind how much you will use it, how much effort you are willing to expand while cooking and how much you are willing to spend when considering which smoker to use (one of the most famous electric smokers is masterbuilt electric smoker that you may check out). This can include masterbuilt smoker parts.

No matter what you choose to use in the end, a great Bar B Q is only as good as the recipes you use. I have found some great sauces and other things that make a Bar B Q great. Check these out – and happy grilling!

There are as many types, sizes and prices of outdoor electric grills as there are types of people who use them. Their are sites that can show you more ways to cook outdoors than you thought possible. Everything from sleek little portable grills for one to giant pro-level stainless steel systems that can cook for an army.

If you are an urban apartment dweller with just a patio, you can easily sit one of these little beauties on your balcony table and grill with very little smoke to annoy the neighbors. One thing I really like about these smaller outdoor electric grills is that they are the perfect size for a single person who just wants to do a bit of quick after-work grilling. And you can take these with you anywhere: take it camping, on the boat or even to your next tailgate party.

Here is a great indoor or outdoor grill that is not only a great way to Bar B Q in a way that is healthy but also comes in a beautiful package, with a great lid to keep the smoke out of your neighbor’s backyard.

For the traditional backyard Bar B Q there are also a variety of great outdoor electric grills that can accommodate steaks, chops and chicken all on one grill. For those Fourth of July celebrations, those long summer evenings of hanging by the grill with a beer and your buddies or just the weekly family cookout – these grills are economical but big enough to take on your hungry crew.

For the truly serious griller, these professional level electric grills are heaven in a grill. Many are restaurant grade stainless and all of them can cook on several levels at once, allowing the chef to plan for grilled vegetables and skewers while searing the steaks. Everything from the traditional looking outdoor electric grill to the latest in technology that let you set it up and just walk away.

These guys are the perfect grill for those cool summer parties

And of course, there are always those little extras that always make the grilling just that much better.

When it comes to the great outdoors there are few things that taste as good as something cooked on a Bar BQ Grill. But if your grill grates aren’t up to speed, it can really affect the enjoyment of your Bar BQ. There are probably as many different kinds of grill grates and there are grills and every type of grill has its own replacement grill grates. Why, finding the right grill grate replacement can be downright exhausting! So let’s take a look at a couple of types of grill grates and see what works for which grill and which doesn’t.

Replacement Grill Grates

If you are looking to replace your grill grate, you might be thinking that it is also time to move up to a better grill grate. If you are, here are a few tips for what to look for in a top notch grill grate replacement.

First of all, avoid any kind of replacements grills that are those plain metal rods, particularly plain steel. They don’t deal with the constant flux in heat that you get with a Bar BQ grill and so begin to chip very quickly, leaving gaps in your cooking surface that can lead to problems with getting even heat on your meat. Stainless steel grills and fine, and the best are the cast iron grill grates.
The hottest thing out now is the porcelain coated grill grates that make wonderful replacement grill grates because they can really take the heat. Just watch for chipping, as you don’t want to have porcelain chips in your food.

Cast Iron Grill Grates

For my money, the best thing out there is the cast iron grill grates, and it doesn’t matter if they came with the grill or you got them as a replacement grill after a few years. These guys are heavy, they will stand up to a lot of punishment and they will keep the heat even no matter how long you have used them. They do need a little TLC because of how they are made, but the bare surface of a good cast iron grill grate will last you for years if you take good care of it. A little wire brush after a hard day at the grill coupled with some oil to keep any rust away will go a long ways towards ensuring that your cast iron grill will be around for years to come.

So check out all the various grill grates and see which one is right for you. If you know the measurements of your current grill, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a replacement. Some of the major brands sell replacement grill grates directly at places like Amazon or at the major hardware stores, so if that is what you use check those out as well.

Just remember that a well kept grill is a happy grill, so take good care of your grill grate and it will always take good care of you. Happy grilling!

Recipes for the Grill

Of course, no amount of grilling or amazing grilling machine will matter if you don’t have a killer recipe for what you put on that grill. Here are some seller cookbooks that explore grilling and southern style food. You may want to discover best gas grills in order to get the best grills.

If you are a die hard grilling fan, you will want your info and recipes with you everywhere. And the best way to do this is to put them all on a kindle! Doesn’t hurt if you throw in some great stories about grilling while you are at it.

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